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Ashley can present her music in a variety of formats:


Ashley's most intimate concerts feature only herself, plus one musician. The intricate beauty of her songs and her glorious voice are center stage ... with room for stories.

world jazz

Here, Ashley's world class international musicians interpret her Afro/jazz/folk material in a jazz context. Her songs/voice remain the focus, while this lineup allows the musicians to improvise and experiment with the grooves and rhythms.

mini global band plus West African dancers

Acoustic, with a twist. Ashley performs with a guitarist and a percussionist, who also provides backing for her two fiery West African dancers. Intimate and fun.

full global band plus west African dancers

Ashley + African bass + drums + Senegalese percussion + Latin guitar + backing vocalist + West African dancers. Musically and visually, this is a fiery and celebratory show.

"Ashley Maher is one of the most amazing performers in Los Angeles. Her style reminds me of a mix between Joni Mitchell and an African Queen."
Megan Jacobs, Conga Room

Beautiful Music There is a reason a crowd follows local singer-songwriter Ashley Maher around. Her lyrics connect with the audience, her energy fills the room, and the music brings joy to everyone in an earshot. Maher brings together influenses of rock, jazz, African rhythmes, and folk music. Join Maher and her various bands for a great date filled with beautiful music.

"Your show ... with your entire band and dancers was breathtaking! ... The dancers were so colorful and exciting to watch, the musicianship is first class and your music is so uplifting. Attendance that night was record breaking. The audience here loves to participate, you kept them up and dancing the entire show! Thank you again for your professional and very entertaining performance!"
Jan Stout, Levitt Pavilion

"I saw Ashley here in NYC, and I have to tell you that I was BLOWN AWAY! If she is not the next Joni Mitchell, then I don't know who is! She has a wonderfully relaxed and personable stage presence that make you feel really at home and invested. Her intro's are funny and warm and quirky - and then she opens her mouth to sing and that VOICE comes out! It's amazing! Her voice is simply beautiful. I walked away from that concert shaking my head wondering, why she isn't HUGE in the States?! This woman should be a STAR!"
Judith Miller, New York

I felt so reenergized by your presence, your music literally feels like it washes my soul and helps me remember why I do what I do.
Lisa Lynne, Celtic harpist,

"Inspiring performance. Captivating vocals. Enthralling melodies. Ashley Maher encompasses all these and much more when she takes the stage and makes it her own. ... we guarantee a stunning performance by Ashley, her talented dancers, and fabulous musicians."
Louis Capone, Pershing Square Summer Concert Series

"You make me love my job! - Thanks Ashley. You can bet I'll be talking you up in my recreation world - you guys are the hardest working, most talented & easiest-to-work-with entertainers I've ever met ... and I thought I'd met the best."
Tymeri Cuervo, San Gabriel Street Festival

"... dynamic and engaging... We were delighted to present your music to our Culver City audience and were pleased with their enthusiastic response to your winning performance. Your talent and energy were refreshing."
Elaine Gerety, Culver City Music in the Council Chambers

"... exciting, uplifting, and beautiful ... an absolutely wonderful show. Ashley is so natural and pleasant on stage that you feel you are in her living room. There is so much kindness and love amongst her group, that it is as if they are family, and we in the audience may only be cousins, but we're every bit as welcome and a part of the show. ... I haven't been so impressed with a performer since I saw Tina Turner ... in a small club on Santa Monica Boulevard many years ago.
John Polinsky

"The audience thoroughly enjoyed the set you did, and I appreciate how well rounded the event was. Your beautiful vocals, the music from your wonderful mus icians and the energy from the west African Dancers all made it a program to behold."
Illana Gatti, UCLA Fowler Museum

"How fantastic was that?!!! Your group's performance yesterday makes me kick myself that we hadn't had you all back sooner. The dancers ... are so skilled and really add so much to the performance. The way you interact with your group ... makes the whole experience feel so personal ... a hard act to follow."
Illana Gatti, UCLA Fowler Museum, 2005

" had an impressive array of nationalities onstage. The audience particularly enjoyed your fantastic dancers. Their energy and color and intricate choreography rounded out the show wonderfully, giving a whole extra dimension to the music on its own."
Michael McKinley, Sunset Junction Festival

Having performed at venues such as Temple Bar, Backstage Coffee Gallery, The Conga Room, and many others local and abroad, Maher offers ... a very special performance. She's recorded four CDs with the best world musicians and her shows guarantee paralleled talent, plus dancing!! (not to be missed) If you've seen her perform around LA, you already know the mastery in her song writing, and the sweetness of her voice, and if you're looking for a moving musical experience, you'll want to discover Ashley Maher!
Molly White, Club Tropical

Stellar songwriting, her extraordinary voice, and heavenly world grooves put Ashley in a class all her own: sublime world/folk/jazz.
Ray Slayton, The Vic